2019 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
May 27-29, 2019, Xi'an, China

Welcome to 2019 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (ICEENR2019). Regarding to the registration fee, the following information is for your reference. In principle, there should be at least one author for each paper to participate in this conference.All the participants should register online first in order to participate the conference. Register Here

Registration Fee for Authors
Ticket categories What's included Within 15 days after the notification Within 16-25 days after the notification More than 25 days after the notification
Ticket A Participation+Publication fee of one paper+Conference documents+Present+Tourism 480 USD 520 USD 560 USD
Ticket B Participation+Publication fee of one paper +Conference documents+Present+Tourism
560 USD 600 USD 640 USD
Registration Fee for Listeners
Ticket categories What's included Registration fee (paid before May 7, 2019) Registration fee (paid on-site or after May 7, 2019)
Ticket C Participation+Conference documents+Present+Tourism 260 USD 300 USD
Ticket D Participation+Conference documents+Present+Tourism
340 USD 380 USD
What’s included in the registration fee:
  1. Participation: Participation in all sessions in the conference, including the keynote session and panel session;
  2. Publication fee of one paper: Publication fee of one paper in the journals (Ticket A/B);
  3. Lunch and banquet: The lunch and banquet during the conference (Ticket B/D). Participants who chosen Ticket A/C will be charged 80 USD on-site if you would like to have lunch and banquet in the hotel;
  4. Conference documents: Name tag, conference guide, one hard copy contains your published paper (free for Chinese authors, additional postage will be charged for authors from other countries), etc.
  5. Present: The present or souvenir in the conference;
  6. Tourism: Tourism: One-day tour after the conference (participants who have paid the registration fee can enjoy the tourism for free)
Please note:
  1. Group buying 6 or more than 6 tickets can enjoy 10% discount of the registration fee;
  2. Group buying 10 or more than 10 tickets can enjoy 20% discount of the registration fee;
  3. 40 USD will be reduced if one author (the same corresponding author) submits the second paper.

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